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A Successful Weekend in a Cyclist's Paradise

by Administrator on September 22, 2014

landscape view RPICredit: Linda Guerrette Photography

This past Labor Day weekend, parades of bicycles, horses and enthusiastic people invaded the streets of the small town of Ketchum, Idaho, for Rebecca’s Private Idaho.



"Walk for Wheels" Walks Five, Bikes Five, and Raises Five Hundred

by Administrator on September 19, 2014


"When it says people have to walk up to 5 miles for food, water, school, or medical appointments in Africa, just how far is 5 miles?"

This was grade school student Maggie Elliot's primary question after learning that not all students have cars and busses to get to school. So, she and her mom, Melinda, ...


Peloton Cycle Takes Indoor Cycling Around the World

by Administrator on September 16, 2014


Peloton Cycle makes the only indoor exercise bike with live classes that stream directly to your indoor wheels - and they're World Bicycle Relief's newest partner! Peloton has changed thousands of lives by providing the ultimate indoor fitness experience, and now they're launching their social mission to use the bicycle as a global tool to improve lives as well.

Peloton's partnership with WBR ...



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