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Read the latest news from the field, in the press, and from our supporters as they work to share our story with the world.

Celebrating 200,000 Bikes in the Field at Interbike 2014

by Administrator on September 25, 2014

photo 11

Interbike 2014 was a great opportunity to celebrate a milestone of 200,000 bikes in the field since 2005--that’s one million people impacted--and it certainly couldn't happen without the wonderful support from so many within the industry. WBR wants to thank our partners as we recognize this milestone and as we set out together with even more focus, ambition, and excitement to ...


Bikes Changing Lives in the Philippines: Lovelyn's Story

by Administrator on September 24, 2014

Lovelyn Philippines

It’s dawn in the rolling rice fields of Northern Isabela in the Philippines. 15-year old Lovelyn is preparing breakfast early for her family so that she can leave in time for the long walk to school. Through dusty fields or mud soaked patties (depending on the season) Lovelyn walks an hour to school each day--until now. Lovelyn now has a Buffalo ...


Where Beauty and Suffering Converge: Ambassador Steve Burns Shares His Experience With the Power of Bikes

by Administrator on September 22, 2014

Team World Bicycle Relief 2014 Ambassador Steve Burns is adding up the miles this year as he shares WBR's work through his cycling. Today, Steve is sharing with us personally about a life-changing ride and giving an update on his incredible accomplishments this year--all for the Power of Bicycles! Read Steve's story below:


Recently I had the most incredible ...



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